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  • 5 ways social listening is transforming the banking sector

    Social Intelligence is a SaaS process of leveraging Artificial Intelligence in tracking, capturing, synthesizing and analyzing unstructured and unsolicited social media data across different platforms in producing decision making info that offer unique and actionable insights for companies and organizations. 
  • Over 50 and Waxing Stronger: The Secret

    You probably know someone who is 50 years plus and still acts 30. And you’re wondering if he has got the Benjamin Button disease. He runs up the flight of stairs while younger people queue for the elevator. He walks with a spring in his steps and does more push-ups than men half his age. You then look at yourself and wonder if you’ll ever command such youthfulness when you get to his age. Truth is: being 50 and still waxing stronger has a secret!
  • The Top 5 Customer Service Lessons Banks Must Learn From COVID-19

    According to customer insight and market research collected by artificial intelligence, banks have made several crucial missteps in providing for their customers during the pandemic.
  • 3 Key Leadership Tips for Being a Better Leader

    It does not matter where you are in your career; it's never too early or too late to start or to continue developing your leadership skills. Leadership is usually described as a set of skills that can be enhanced and trained. We have compiled some tips for being an effective leader.