Over 50 and Waxing Stronger: The Secret


Men Sana in Corpore Sano

By: Lorenz Mba

A healthy mind is found in a healthy body.

I am a 55 ( soon to be 56) year old male with the looks of a guy in his 40s ( that's what I have been told many times) due to the following combo:

Good genes.
Simple lifestyle.
Consistency in modest exercises ( Anaerobics and Aerobics).
Moderate eating. Different from dieting.
No yo-yo shortcut dieting.

I have a simple, effective and proven way to get ANYONE to a lower weight and fitness level.
It has worked in 9 out of 10 cases. The only case where it has not worked is where the participant stopped walking after a month.

All it takes is for you to commit to a walk ( no gym necessary) regimen.
It has worked for all ages, genders and body types.
I have proof and evidence.
Feel welcome to contact me:


I can get u to a lower weight IF you promise to follow a simple walk regimen. Let's do this.

Contact me.




You probably know someone who is 50 years plus and still acts 30. And you’re wondering if he has got the Benjamin Button disease. He runs up the flight of stairs while younger people queue for the elevator. He walks with a spring in his steps and does more push-ups than men half his age. You then look at yourself and wonder if you’ll ever command such youthfulness when you get to his age. Truth is: being 50 and still waxing stronger has a secret!

Youth did not just happen to him. That guy worked for it and continues to work for it. Perhaps while some of his friends were out spending late nights, he was at the gym. And here are some of the things he has done to keep fit, strong and healthy:

Diet: Being 50 means that he’s more selective with his diet. He understands how nutritional needs can change with age. No longer can he binge on cakes and all those delicacies that his palates once yearned for. He is smart enough to know that fruits and veggies are his best friends. He understands he needs more fiber, more protein, more calcium and less calories.

Sleep: Over 50 and waxing stronger is a result of giving enough rest to the body. Snooze time is an all-important time for rejuvenation. Lack of sleep can mean stress and tiredness. At that golden age, he needs more of it.

Exercise: He may not tell you, but this man does not joke with his cardio. Sometimes he takes long brisk walks around the neighborhood. At other times, he goes on slow jogging. He really knows what’s good for him. After his cardio, he does some heavy lifting to build his stamina and strength.

Laughter: If laughter is the best medicine, this man doesn’t mind an overdose. He loves jokes and never hesitates to have a bellyful of laughter at any given time. He understands that laughter fights stress, strengthens the immune system, burns calories, among other things. Do you still wonder why he never misses a chance to laugh?

Water: If you did not know him, you might mistake him for a fish. He loves his water so, to avoid dehydration It has been shown that dehydration is a leading cause of hospitalization among old people. Because of their body composition, they do not recognize when the body actually needs water.

Sex: Our man does not joke with sex because he understands the immense benefits. And he ensures that he gets it least twice a week. Study has shown that regular sex plays a major role in longevity, and even make people look more attractive.

Meditation: Call it yoga or some other name, this man likes to spend some time alone. He understands that there is power in silence and in listening to his heartbeat. To be over 5o and waxing stronger requires a me-alone time. He does not joke with his exercise mat that’s highly recommended for yoga and suchlike.

Gratitude: He never forgets to be grateful for each new day. This heart of gratitude and contentment reinforces his health and well-being.

More exercise: If like him you are over 50 and still waxing stronger, you probably figured out the secret long ago- that a day without exercising is a lost day.



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